Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage DJ, Navy Ring, Toy Soldier

Just got a pair of these 60s Newhouse turntables will play all 4 speeds, have had the Newhouse 45 cases for a while. the built in speakers are loud enough for a house party, and they shut off when you plug in the cables to a mixer.

This is a large size sterling ring and it has an almost black grey patina.

This 30s German composite toy american soldier is hand painted, and reminds me of a story of a WWI Dickerman .

Sgt. John A Dickerman, 104th Inf. 26th Div. at the Battle of Apremont WWI

"On the morning of April 12 orders had been received for an advance by the 104th Infantry. Sergeant John A. Dickerman of the Headquarters Company was in charge of two Stokes mortars, the small trench artillery which did so much damage. These two mortars were placed in a screen just behind the second line trench. With Dickerman were Privates Alson, Knutson, Cole and Rowland, and Corporal Henry Mack. Dickerman had orders to lay down a barrage of three minutes, after which the artillery was to take it up and drop a barrage behind which two companies were to go over the top in the first wave. There was heavy fog that morning.

Dickerman laid down his barrage as ordered, but there was no sign from the artillery. In the fog the signal had not been seen. Then the Boches came over in an attack against the American lines, and Dickerman opened up with his mortars. They were the only protection between the Boche and the 104th first line.

The men worked madly, dropping round after round into the mortars, which took deadly toll in the attacking force. Then the Germans started a creeping barrage. The shells from the enemy guns exploded nearer and nearer to the little party working the mortars. Sergeant Dickerman and the men knew that it was only a question of time, as it was easy to locate them. Still, they held out. Suddenly a shell landed in the midst of the party. Alson, Knutson and Cole were killed, and Howland was wounded. Corporal Mack escaped. Dickerman lost his right eye and right foot, his left leg was torn and he had many other wounds. For this all of the party, living and dead, were given the Croix de Guerre."



Rivet Head said...

Great story!!!

Rivet Head said...

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grant said...

Amazing story. Thanks for keeping their memory alive.