Friday, March 26, 2010

Sometimes You Get Lucky, and Sometimes You Buy Weird Stuff

Friday morning I go to the local Flea Market that used to be a drive in.

It is my favorite day, opens at 7am and is not too busy because all the buyers are at work. I stay up all night so instead of sleeping for a few hours, and trying to wake back up, I just stay up all night.

Pair of giant leather US Mail bags, just one strap, everything is marked all over the place US Mail $30.
Matt, I hope you are up to it, you will need to turn it inside out to resew the seam.

WWII Navy pack. $20.

Crazy pagoda hanging lamp. $10

Nice, large, older Mexican blanket, wool vegetable dyed. $10

WWII m43 jacket $5.

Lame denim vest, great patches $10
Large chain stitch back patch, small twill Indian

Brass thimbles $1 each tiny pin backs $3 both ( rings?)

Photo of 3 30s girls at beach in playsuits, sisters matching $.25

Local 76 gas auto wiindow decal $5.

Worlds Fair program with map $3.

Ceramic WAVEs hat container? $3.

Original composite Scandanavian troll figure $2.50

Fun day,



Rivet Head said...

The mail bag looks great! I have a similar military bag that I got from At The Front, but it has US Army on it I think. I'll check it when I get home.

scdarkangel said...

if its the one you carry around, its an m1936 musette bag , same side pocket, but the straps are sort with j hooks and you use a wide, thin shoulder strap with d rings on the ends.

I just showed the mailman the bags and he thought they were insane.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

damn, nice scores!!

Regina Patalano said...

I have the same stamped us Calvert saddle bags with the stamping on inside Rock Island Arsenal 1917 very good condition any body interested or know what they are worth thanks